Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dear Diary

Good afternoon!! Its Tuesday right before noon i would say. Today my goal is to get ALL my laundry done, shower, pack, and drive to my new house. The laundry part is already putting my behind, i have two large baskets to do. and its just my clothes. I would like to say that I am behind in laundry because of the holiday weekend but that is not the truth at all. Laundry always seems to sneak up on me. The need to shower...is understood by all. The packing part.. I am getting married in a few months so every week I take a small load of things up to my Husbands to be's house. It as been a very exciting and busy time in my life, but I am learning to love it!!! My dryer is buzzing! woof! off to fold clothes!

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