Monday, September 13, 2010

President always gives a State of the Union address

SO I thought that I would address you on the state of my union(aka my bed room)

My tall dresser is really the catch-all of my day.
Today it has some random lotions, nail polish
a goodies bag from a child's birthday party, my LOVE
photo holder (not sure what to call it because it is not a frame) with pictures of Jesse and I.
This next picture.....
woof. Almost everthing that you see in a bag is wedding related!!!
My cool Mrs. Syx bag is hanging on the wall its from its the coolest site everything can be personalized!

Back to my crazy live quarters...this it part of the crazy that I can control... my laundry, that I hope to tackle tomorrow!!! The wooden dresser in the corner is my mother scrapbook center!!! The room that I am staying is not the room that I grew up in. I moved out in August of 2008 so in January of this year when i moved home. My brother had "upgraded" to my room and I got his old room which was now the office. So its kinda part craftroom part bedroom!

I show all of this to you to say, that I am feeling like my life is a bit more out of control than I would like. I do understand that in 54 short days that all my things will have a home again and that other people have gone thru worse. I hope that in the coming weeks more things can be moved to Jesse's house!!! I am sure every women that is married can relate to how I am feeling. Or at least I hope so! ;)

I hope you enjoy my tales from the engaged gal
Love Katelyn Paige

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