Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello all.
Its been sometime since I have posted something.. not that there are tons of people reading! haha however I have now now learned how to get pictures off my phone and on to my computer!! Go Me!!

To say that my husband is a 'fan' of Ohio State is a massive understatement...
Yesterday was the Sugar Bowl which in a last second play we WON!!!
Thank goodness or it would not have been a good night!!
We watched the Game at our friend Bobby's house so this was the drink that I took with me!

                                 a wedding gift from Jesse's co-workers!!

                                      Please note the Block O ice cubes
                                          Which are super cute but melt far too fast!!!
                                       I hope to have more picture and what not coming soon!!


  1. Love the tumbler! AND the cubes!

    Hey, you are WAY ahead of me as I have NO IDEA how to get pictures off my phone and to the computer!!!

  2. Hey you! How nice to see you blogging! Loved the wedding...everything was perfect!!!