Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I can cook!! kinda..

So now that I am married I am beginning to love cooking
or... learning how to cook
on this day I tried my hand at making yeast rolls
They turned out pretty well for my first time.
For the recipe, go over to Betsy's blog
She is amazing! You will love it!!!
The dough rising..

Fresh out of the oven!!

A closer view
They were very good
although they didn't rise very much
but I am not sure if they should have


Grilled chicken, corn and mashed potatoes!!
I made these potatoes myself
so proud!!!

Happy Dining!!


  1. WELL DONE Kate!!! Bravo! That plate looks yummy!

    I love Betsy's roll recipe! (But, Mamaw's is BETTAH!) ;)

  2. YUMMY!!! Looks great and you have years to experiment!!!!!! Good job Sis!!!Keep up the good work! BTW...I check your blog frequently!

  3. aunt Sue I am glad that you are reading
    sometimes I feel like I am writing to myself!! haha