Monday, January 24, 2011

The Weekend Update

So this weekend was full of fun.
My friend Sara is getting married next month
so saturday we had her shower!!
Lynus and I getting ready

My sister-in-law Melissa

no you are not seeing double...
this is Michelle also my S.I.L
they are twins!!!

Sara opening gifts..

On Sunday we went to my brother in laws to watch football
This is McKenna his daughter..
dont you want to kiss her little face

i love her so much!!!

I hope that everyone had a good weekend!!!


  1. Kate! You are stunning in these photos! Your makeup is perfect!

    What fun!

  2. just came across your blog :) its sooo cue! you have some really good insight on your posts! you're so pretty! xoxo cant wait to read more of what you wrote!