Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I the last twenty four hours lasted a week. WOOF. Sara Bareilles is playing and I feel like writing.

So here we go

 Last night I found out that a couple that Jesse and I are very close to are....pregnant. I was at work when I learned this news. When I got home I asked Jesse how he found out. After he told me i wanted to say " I dont understand". All I could get out was "I", then I broke down. I have never cried like that in front of him like that before. He listened quietly as I told him everything that I was feeling.
  We spent the rest of the night talking about my being pregnant and miscarrying, which we had not really talked about in depth before.

I am learning that in life NOTHING turns out like we plan.
 The first seven month of our marriage went like so.
1. I lose my job (its a long story)
2. Jesse loses his job (one month later)
3. I get a new job
4. We get pregnant
5. We miscarry

Those are just the highlights.
That is not the life that we planned on having.
So how on earth should we plan our lives now.

P.S Sara Bareilles's musicis amazing!
Listen to this girl!!!

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  1. Hey Kate, wish I had wise words for you. I don't. I am praying for you. Life can really SUCK but then you have to have faith in God's sovereign plan.

    By the way: Sara Bareilles ROCKS! Just bought her latest CD had the other one! I dig her.