Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just Being Honest

SOO again I cant find the cord that plugs my phone into the computer to upload pictures. FAIL.
I am quickly feeling like this blog is turning into how I am dealing with a miscarriage.
Lately I have not had the feeling to slap most pregnant women. i kid. but I have been feeling that my anger is slowing fading. Its been 64 days since I began to miscarry, and I honestly felt that I might never get over this.

Now because it has been almost eight weeks and my Doctor says that it is safe if Mr. Syx and I wanted to try to get pregnant we could start trying to get pregnant. Now this is the hard part because we didnt try to get pregnant. So now do we try to make a little one, try to prevent kids for a year or two (that WAS the plan) or not try to make nor prevent little ones and see what happens.

Only the Lord knows what is in store for Jes and I.
It has going to be an interesting ride!!

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