Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My baking issues..

The other night I thought I would make some cookies..
after twenty minutes of prep...
my peaunt butter cookies were in the oven 
and Jesse and I were minutes from fresh cookies..
we thought..

After five minutes in the oven I turn the light on to look at the cookies
what i found was that all my batter had run together and had
now started bubbling almost like I was making
hard candy! So I called Mom I learned that completely melting your butter is not a good thing. haha

So i try again the next night.. and the same thing happens again.
After having Mom look at it. She think that the recipe itself is wrong.
This Newlywed was not a happy girl...

SO all that to say that I am trying my hand at a new recipe tomorrow
Chicken n' vegetable biscuit bake and cream cheese pound cake...

I will let you know how this turns out...
or you may see it on the new if a burn the house down....

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