Friday, June 8, 2012

C section to Dayton Childrens

After choosing to have a C- Section things moved very fast. At least that is how I remember it. My family started to pack everything up in the room because we would not be returning after surgery. It was 7 am so it was a shift change and I got a new nurse Lauren. Lastly the anesthesiologist Steven Roberts came in and started the medication for surgery and they started moving the bed to the O.R. room. I don't think I said good bye to my parents but I know Jesse followed me down to the O.R. I do remember them telling him to change clothes while I was being prepped. 

In the O.R. they moved me onto the table which was surprisingly narrow, they put a small screen across me so that I could not see what they were doing if I looked down the table however the surgical lights were not on yet and I could look into it and it acted as a mirror so I got to watch them prep me. They started doing a test to see  how numb I was and if they could get started.(if this drug didn't do the trick they would have to put me under completely, intubation and everything to get Carter out) thankfully it did the trick!! Dr. Crouch came in and started talking to me, i remember telling him that I didn't want the play-by-play. Jesse came in a few moments later, I was glad that he was there because I was shaking so badly it was nice to have him to hold my arm still. Once Jesse sat down I think that it took ten maybe fifteen minutes to get Carter out. I wont ever forget hearing his little cry or them holding him over the sheet that covered me so that I could see him for the first time. Jesse went over with him to get cleaned up and make sure everything was fine. However the table that Carter was on with the nurse was at the end of the surgical table so poor Jesse got a eye full of my insides. Minutes later Jesse brought Carter to me, I was thankful that my arms had not been strapped down because I was able to kinda hold him with Jesse's help. After Dr. Crouch was finished  i was moved to another bed, Carter was put in my arms and we moved across the hall to recovery.

In recovery they took my vitals and I was told I would be here for two hours. Two nurses from the nursery came in and gave Carter his first bath right there at my bedside! I was surprised at how many things I was attached to. I had a compression belt across my stomach, on each of my legs I had compression things on that helped circulate my blood, a heated blanket and a few other things as well. I have no idea how they were able to put all of those things on me on the O.R. table, it was so small. Our parents were brought back to see Carter and take pictures.After Carter's bath he was wrapped up and given to me.One of the nurses mentioned that is testicles looked swollen and discolored and that the Doctor in the nursery would take a second look. This didn't bother me at the time I had read that sometimes there can be swelling after birth so i thought nothing of it.

After saying goodbye to our parents Carter and Jesse went to the nursery to be checked over. My nurse Lauren took me up to be with them as soon as my two hours in recovery were up.When I got there the Doctor was staying that the testicle looked like it was twisted and that they would do a scan to see if there was any blood flow. If there was and the testicle could be saved he would be taken to Childrens for surgery to have it repaired if there was no blood flow he would also be taken to Children's to have to removed surgically. She told us that she had already called for the scan to be done and that someone would be coming to get Carter soon.

Until the tech came to get Carter we were taken to the mother and baby unit. Once all the nurses left after setting us up Jesse and I just cried. Carter was only three hours old and now he has to have surgery no matter what the result of the test would be. We were in the room fifteen minutes before my nurse came in and said that she was going to take Carter personally to get scanned. Jesse and Carter were gone twenty minutes, I couldn't go with them because I had just had a c section. Once they were back from the scan it was maybe ten minutes before the Dr from the nursery came in and said that there looked to be a little blood flow and that it might be able to be saved. That it was an emergency and surgery would happen as soon as possible. She also told us that she had called Childrens and that the transport team was on its way. Again Jesse and I just cried. They were taking my baby and he was just hours old and now he would be having surgery that day and I was stuck at Miami Valley. My nurse Carmella came in and took a picture of the three of us, i didnt understand til later why she wanted to capture this horrific moment in my life.

Around two pm the transport team was outside our room and Jesse was signing papers that would allow Children's to move Carter to their hospital. After a few minutes I had to hand him over.Awful. There are no words to express how it felt. 

About an hour later Jesse calls and tells me that they scanned Carter again when they got him to Children's, they found that the testicle had died while Carter was still growing inside me, it could not be saved. So they moved his surgery to have it removed to Monday. Jesse was upset because Carter was not allowed to come back to Miami Valley to be with me. 


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  2. WOW, just read your blog! Great journal Kate, I feel like I was there!!!! You will be so happy that you took the time to put all of the details down! I still have the journals from when Micah & Beth were born!!!!! Thank you for sharing♥