Sunday, February 19, 2012

Carter Style

Are you not dying over this little man!!
So cute. I doubt that CP would let us dress is this way but i can dream right.

A Gymboree outfit from their latest spring line
B is for Bug!!

Also I love this i have nothing monogrammed..yet...
I will see if I can get something like this for Carter's hospital pictures

I dont think that I would ever put C in this but it says everything!!!

This week we go to Ikea!!! So I will try to post some pictures..

13 weeks to go!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012


This post in me complaning so beware!!!
The past few days I have just been feeling really down about things.
Mainly going to work, I hate it!!! I just want to stay home and clean or cook or do something to prepare for Carter coming. I hate that I dont get home til 830, i want to be home when Jesse gets gome to greet him and have dinner with him!!
 The other thing that I dont like about work is that I am all by my self the entire time, there is no one to talk to. I like being around people and having that interaction.
 The only thing that gets me to work is that I know with every long shift it's one day closer to when Carter comes and I can quit. Also that each pay check helps us build up our savings. Sorry that all I did is complain but i needed to get that off my chest!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Carter's Nursery

 This Saturday I will be 26 weeks pregnant.
Mr. Syx and I registered at Target about a week ago and the dates for Carter's showers have been set. I am so looking forward to getting everything ready for him. The past few weeks i have been Slowly cleaning out the Guest bedroom, this weekend my parents are coming to help paint and organize.

The "theme" for CP's room is Dr. Seuss.

 The bedding and rug are from  Pottery Barn.
 Later this month we are making a trip to Ikea to pick up his crib and dresser.
 I am having a hard time picking... black or white Crib and dresser??