Friday, February 17, 2012


This post in me complaning so beware!!!
The past few days I have just been feeling really down about things.
Mainly going to work, I hate it!!! I just want to stay home and clean or cook or do something to prepare for Carter coming. I hate that I dont get home til 830, i want to be home when Jesse gets gome to greet him and have dinner with him!!
 The other thing that I dont like about work is that I am all by my self the entire time, there is no one to talk to. I like being around people and having that interaction.
 The only thing that gets me to work is that I know with every long shift it's one day closer to when Carter comes and I can quit. Also that each pay check helps us build up our savings. Sorry that all I did is complain but i needed to get that off my chest!!!

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