Friday, August 12, 2011

My Christmas list ( i know thath it early)

Last year for Christmas I did not start shopping early enough.
I was literally running around shopping the week of Christmas.
I also realized that I didnt save as much money for gifts as I would have hoped. 
( U of K things are stupid expensive)
So this year I have already spotted things that I would like to gift, mostly for Mr. Syx
The women in my family will be getting things from Estee lauder.
Sorry if I ruined the surprise haha

So because I work in retail were Christmas comes after 4th of July and I have Christmas on the brain I have been thinking of want i would like to get under the tree.

I give you  Pandora jewelry!!!
Its a silver Bracelet and then you can pick different charms to on bracelet.
Here are some of my picks

The  S charm...I think that goes with out saying.
 and the baby charm for our little one in heaven.
There are sooo many option there is a beautiful seashell
high heel and other super cute charms

Hob Lob gift cards.. you cant go wrong
Hobby Lobby Logo

ok so that was not the longest list but come on  its August!!

much love!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just Being Honest

SOO again I cant find the cord that plugs my phone into the computer to upload pictures. FAIL.
I am quickly feeling like this blog is turning into how I am dealing with a miscarriage.
Lately I have not had the feeling to slap most pregnant women. i kid. but I have been feeling that my anger is slowing fading. Its been 64 days since I began to miscarry, and I honestly felt that I might never get over this.

Now because it has been almost eight weeks and my Doctor says that it is safe if Mr. Syx and I wanted to try to get pregnant we could start trying to get pregnant. Now this is the hard part because we didnt try to get pregnant. So now do we try to make a little one, try to prevent kids for a year or two (that WAS the plan) or not try to make nor prevent little ones and see what happens.

Only the Lord knows what is in store for Jes and I.
It has going to be an interesting ride!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My baking issues..

The other night I thought I would make some cookies..
after twenty minutes of prep...
my peaunt butter cookies were in the oven 
and Jesse and I were minutes from fresh cookies..
we thought..

After five minutes in the oven I turn the light on to look at the cookies
what i found was that all my batter had run together and had
now started bubbling almost like I was making
hard candy! So I called Mom I learned that completely melting your butter is not a good thing. haha

So i try again the next night.. and the same thing happens again.
After having Mom look at it. She think that the recipe itself is wrong.
This Newlywed was not a happy girl...

SO all that to say that I am trying my hand at a new recipe tomorrow
Chicken n' vegetable biscuit bake and cream cheese pound cake...

I will let you know how this turns out...
or you may see it on the new if a burn the house down....