Thursday, June 7, 2012

Labor with Carter

On Wednesday May 16th I had my 39 week doctor's visit. At my check up the week before I was only dilated to one centimeter, so on this day I was hoping that I would be farther then last week. My mom took me and thankful I was now two centimeters dilated  my midwife asked if I wanted her to strip my membranes, I agreed hoping that it would speed things along seeing as my due date was only three days away. After my mom dropped me back at home I started walking. Well pacing really, I walked back and forth in my living room watching T.V. for about 2 hours or so.When Jesse got home we had dinner and then took a real walk around the block.

Early in the morning of the 17th I woke up having strong period like cramping every ten minutes like clock work. This continued though out the early morning, I believe that i finally got out of bed around 7:45 or so when Jesse got up for work. I text my mom to let her know about my cramping through the night. She called soon after and after talking about it we thought it would be good for her to come to my house so that I wouldn't be alone and also to get things ready if I needed to go to the hospital. THIS was the smartest idea ever!!!

When mom got to the house we (i mean she) cleaned the house and made a list of things that I still needed to get from the store. At this time I was still feeling cramping every ten minutes or so. We went to Target to get the things on our list and had lunch at Bob Evans. Around  three or four in the afternoon my cramping totally stopped. I was so disappointed I thought that  I was really in the early stages of labor. Even though the pain had stopped I finished packing our suitcase. When Jesse came home, we talked with mom for a bit and then she headed home. We ate out at the high class Taco Bell and then headed home to settle in for the night.

On the Morning of May 18th I woke up at six am got out of bed and it became clear that my water had most likely broken. After telling Jesse we called the Doctor and she said I should go ahead and come to the hospital to check to see if it had really broken. Jesse and I got ready loaded up the car and headed to Miami Valley. I believe that we arrived at eight am or so. I was put on monitors to check Carter's heartbeat and time the contractions that I was having and my ten am we were being taken to a labor room.

Both my parents, Jesse's mom and my good friend and nurse Polly came to the hospital that morning. I was dilated to four and I thought that Carter would be here my late evening. After laboring for  six more hours without any medication and not dilating at all I chose to get an epidural and start pitocin around 5 pm that day. I began to notice that i spot on my back was really starting to hurt as if I had pulled a muscle,by midnight I thought I was dying the only way I was comfortable was sitting straight up in bed. Thankfully they upped the pain meds and I was able to nap off and on for a few more hours.

Around 4 am I think my nurse Megan checked me and I was only at eight. We tried several positions to get Carter to start moving down which did end up working. After another check there was only a tiny bit of cervix left so we tried to start pushing to see if i could push Carter passed it. We did two sessions of this each 30 minutes. Finally I was at ten we started pushing however my back was so bad now that I couldn't lay on my back, again we tried pushing every way possible. At seven am my nurse asking if I want to talk to my OB to see what options I had about delivering Carter. Dr. Crouch came a few minutes later and I chose to get a C- Section. It was the best thing for me. I has been in labor for two days,my water had been broken for 25 hours now and my back was so bad I honestly could not handle it. Jesse and our parents have been up for 24 hours they were exhausted too.

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